My grandma’s neighbor, Joyce, paid us $11 to have Eric chew the felt off of a barrel of tennis balls for an arts & crafts project she’s working on.  My job is to make sure that Eric chews at a pace that finishes the task quickly without sacrificing quality.  I also have to make sure he doesn’t shit in the garage. 

 Joyce is a widow and she once told us that she is so isolated and lonely that she fears nature might simply forget to kill her.  Then she said that she was kidding and that everyone dies.  I told her that I’d heard the lonely tend to die faster due to the correlation between emotional despair and declining physical health.  She said that she knew and again, she was just kidding.

After she paid us, Eric and I ran home because if you get stuck in a conversation with Joyce, she will talk your ears off.

this guy just does not quit.

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